Kidsafe Design

The Operation Kidsafe system, procedure and layout were developed using consultants from the FBI, Police Officials and fingerprinting experts. Using the latest all digital systems we capture the fingerprints of each hand along with a full digital head and shoulder photograph. The above information is then printed on hard copy and handed to parent for safe keeping. There is an area on the document for parents to update with a current photo.

Emergency Use of KidSafe Document

      Should a child become lost, or even worse, kidnapped, the parent would call 911 and let law enforcement know they have an Operation Kidsafe document. The Police Department will know how to handle it from there. Donít forget that the focus of this event is education. With the Operation Kidsafe safety tips, children can avoid many compromising situations. It is the perfect time for parents to cover these tips with their children and start a family safety action plan.

Free event Ė what to bring

     As long as the child is with a trusted adult, Operation Kidsafeyes_free1 will provide the service FREE to every family. Donít miss your local event, this service can only be done on site. Just bring the kids, grandchildren or your entire school! Operation Kidsafe events are fun and free for everyone who attends.

No Data Basing

      The only record of the visit goes home with the family. The parents get the 8 1/2x11 print out with the childís fingerprints and photo. This document would make it very simple for the authorities to publish (as they deem necessary) for distribution and entry into the National Crime Computer.

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